Catching up…

Apologies for my lack of posts recently! I have been preoccupied with making new prints and setting up the UK Printmakers community (which you should check out!). I kept meaning to post a couple of things just before Christmas, the first being the Etsy Made Local fair in Cambridge. I went there especially to have a go on Richard Horne‘s new Printvend machine, where I managed to complete my collection of Printvend prints! I previously used the original  Printvend machine, which is now a permanent feature in The Book Hive, Norwich. It was great fun and I love the idea of a vending machine with prints inside! It was also nice to actually meet the person behind the prints, Richard Horne.

After the fair I went to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to catch The Power of Paper, an exhibition featuring printmaking from Australia, Canada and South Africa. The exhibition was described as ‘a revelation of eloquent art made by black and indigenous artists since the 1960s. Inspired by environments from the Arctic to the Australian desert, from the country and the city, it foregrounds visions of place, custom and history, in settings that are at once profoundly different, yet linked by empire and the politics of decolonization.’ There were some great prints, which reminded me of some of the work I saw earlier in the year at The Polar Museum.


UK Printmakers Community on Google+


A little while after creating my profile on Google+ I started searching for communities to join to promote my artwork and noticed the lack of a UK based community for printmakers, so I decided to set one up. My hope is that printmakers based in the UK could use the community for discussing printmaking techniques, equipment, books, studios, favourite printmakers and exhibitions. I would also encourage printmakers to share pictures of their work, a link to their professional website, details about printmaking workshops, publications and any exhibitions they are involved in. It is still in the early stages but I hope to build up the community. If you are a printmaker based in the UK (or you know of one) using or interested in using Google+ it would be much appreciated if you would consider joining the community.

To find the community click this link or go to the Google+ site and search for UK Printmakers